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The Finest Cleaning Service!

sparkling sinkSounds like a bold statement, doesn’t it? But really, if you were looking for someone to clean your house, would you want to hire someone who didn’t take pride and truly care about their work? It might sound corny, but everything we do is focused on making sure our customers are satisfied. But more than that, we have researched the market and have modeled our business and trained our employees to not be like the competition … the competition that doesn’t show up on time, the competition that is not flexible, the competition that does a half hearted job, the competition that charges for services they didn’t provide, the beatiful living roomcompetition that sends a different crew into your home almost every time they show up, the competition that is not empowered to do the right thing even if it wasn’t quoted … need I go on? You see, we really mean it when we say we listen … we understand these are the pitfalls of hiring a cleaning service and we specifically train our teams to understand that being like our competition will never do. Many of our clients have had negative experiences with cleaning services – from the “national services” right down to the one person cleaning services – and every concern we have heard over the years about the competition has been noted and put on our list of “things NOT to do” …

clean houseI know, you’re thinking if they truly are the finest cleaning service they must be really expensive … but the truth is that we also understand it is a competitive market and we have to price our services accordingly. So that leaves just one last question … do you deserve the finest cleaning service? We think you do! Please Contact Us today, we would love to show you the Green and Clean difference!