We Clean … We Dust … We Wash … We Rock!

Green and CleanOur goal is to provide our customers a truly different cleaning service experience … and the reviews are in … they say “we rock”! Why? If you are or have a loved one who is not well, then our cleaning service has been called a godsend. If you live a busy professional life and just don’t have time to keep your home up the way you would like to, then we are the ideal service to call. If you just plain hate to clean … don’t worry, we don’t! Call us and let us do the dirty work! We pride ourselves on our care and commitment to our customers, and build long term relationships with many of them. We provide personalized services for what gets cleaned and at what frequency we perform our service. We listen, learn and provide consistent service with our great team of employees. We only hire people who fit our companies mold … that are caring and personable, pleasant and friendly. We always make sure that communication with our customers is not an issue, and if there ever is a problem, work to resolve it as quickly as possible and in as “customer friendly” a manner as is possible. All of our equipment and materials are kept fresh and in the best condition … honestly how can you expect a cleaning service to clean with dirty equipment! We are flexible – if you need us weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, as needed or need additional services between services because of special events – we are there when you need us. Here’s how we approach our work … we clean your home as if it were our own … we treat our customers as we would like to be treated and we treat your loved ones as though they were ours.  Our products are green, gentle and truly exceptional, and we try to be too. Just think … having this sort of cleaning service is just a phone call away! Or please feel free to get in touch with us through our contact form!

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